The new hub for training and innovation

Premier Lab, a laboratory for research and development

Born in September 2019 in Alcora, Spain, it employs a qualified technical staff in the development of innovative end-of-line tools and processes.
The last and most important is the application of diamond resin satellite to the lapping of large slabs and tiles.
On the line present in the laboratory, upon specific customer request, we study the correct sequences and adjustments of the tools.
We carry out machining tests directly on the slabs and tiles supplied by customers and reproduce the best sequences and adjustments of the tools directly on the manufacturer's line. In this way we assure our customers the highest quality at the lowest cost per sqm.


PREMIER LAB, is also home to training courses on the latest squaring and plapping/satinizing technologies.
In addition to a classroom for theoretical lessons, there is a production line that exactly reproduces the industrial production standards of ceramic slabs and tiles.
It is equipped with a dry squaring machine, 48 spindles and a polishing machine with 20 spindles for large sizes up to 1,400 mm.
Having an industrial production line allows our qualified technicians, during the year and at the request of our customers, to provide training at the highest level of the state of the art.
Furthermore, we are able to reproduce exactly in real cases that may occur during industrial production and thus provide the fastest and most effective technical assistance.

For 25 years a leader in the manufacture of diamond tools

Thanks to the engineering of the production systems and the constant technological updating, PREMIER guarantees prompt deliveries and 100% MADE IN ITALY quality.

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