The Satellite System with parallel rows for lapping tiles

The lapping and polishing process of the ceramics is fundamental to give each tile a smooth and shiny surface. To optimize this process, it is essential to maximize productivity and at the same time reduce costs.
The satellite system can be applied on all sanding machines and allows end-of-line operations such as roughing, lapping, polishing and satin-finishing.
What characterizes it is its ability to generate kinetic energy superior to any other system in use, the high speed of rotation developed by the satellite (1,500 rpm) is transformed into kinetic energy capable of tripling the cutting power compared to the "classic" Fickert.
This translates into higher quality and productivity in end-of-line machining.

Below, in detail the benefits brought by the use of the satellite:

  • The smaller contact area (approx. 25 mm) compared to the Fickert (100 mm) allows tools to penetrate every recess for a better finish.
  • the diamond satellite is modular, modular with several layers of Velcro or in a single block. The versatility and the modularity of the tool allow to change the position according to the desired degree of flatness.
  • With the same volume removed, it is possible to use tools with finer grit; thus obtaining tiles without scratches and with a higher degree of gloss.

Premier's proposal to further increase the productivity of lapping lines is the Parallel Row Satellite System developed by its Premier Lab.

Premier, with its special Satellite head, proposes to work tiles that run on several parallel rows at the same time.

There are two reasons for this statement:

  • First, the Satellite Premier does not spatula, it rotates on itself and passes from one tile to another by rotating on an inclined axis, pushing the tile against the conveyor belt; therefore there is no danger of lifting even keeping the tiles separate;
  • secondly, the tangency line is 25 mm, divided into two rows of teeth, so the tool can penetrate all the hollows, including those between tiles placed side by side.

An option that would be impossible on sanding and lapping lines using Fickert heads, it spatula right and left with a variable tangency line with respect to the tiles. In this movement it can easily hook the side of the tile, raising it and damaging the entire set of tools, the head, the tiles and even the conveyor belt.

Within the Premier Lab, the application of the Premier Satellite was then studied on tiles arranged in parallel rows, and the results of the study prove that such processing is really possible.

If we add to this the technical characteristics and advantages of the satellite system already described (speed of rotation, kinetic energy developed, two rotary motions of head and tool) we can see the ability of the system to improve the quality of the finished product, multiply the productivity of the lapping process and significantly reduce costs per square meter.

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