Full-lappato polishing, calibrating and honing with the same head: the PREMIER satellite

With the introduction of the digital printer and the possibility of polishing glazes with the lapping technique, European and American ceramic producers have considerably reduced the production of porcelain stoneware tiles.

Despite this, technical porcelain stoneware slabs and tiles are still indispensable for use in high traffic areas, such as stations, airports, public buildings.
In case of strong wear’s aggression, the technical product does not lose its design and the colours remain unchanged, while in case of glazed tiles, the substrate tends to emerge, making them unusable.
To meet the need to to polish full bodied technical porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs, the Premier’s laboratories have developed the satellite head, which replacing only the tool, it is transformed from a simple lapping machine into a calibrating / polishing / lapping machine.

The great innovation of Satellite Premier!

Premier Diam - Satellite Head
Premier Diam - Satellite Head Line

Currently, many lapping machines have been equipped, by Premier, with satellite heads that are certainly faster and cheaper, for polishing glazed tiles. By exploiting the high kinetic energy of the satellite and replacing the resin tool on an elastic support used for lapping, with one with a rigid metal binder, you get a powerful calibrator capable of roughing and smoothing every slab and technical tile.

Mirror, for instance, an important subcontractor operating in the Sassuolo area, on its line of 30 heads, using metal satellites, polishes 600 mm format technical porcelain stoneware tiles at a speed of 3 / 3.5 meters per minute, obtaining an excellent degree of gloss.

On the same line, without modifying the mechanics, but only by replacing the metal tools with resin-based ones, Mirror obtains an efficient lapping machine which, thanks to the satellite heads, guarantees an increase in productivity and cost savings of at least 20% compared to a Fickert line.

By adopting the PREMIER satellite heads on a lapping line, the old mono-product line is transformed into a new, versatile line that can either calibrate and smooth porcelain stoneware and lapping glazed tiles and slabs, with just the replacement of the tool, from elastic resinoid to rigid metallic.

Furthermore, with this simple and innovative solution, each ceramic manufacturer is able to differentiate itself from digital massification, manufacturing and polishing its own unique and unmistakable full-body polished porcelain stoneware.

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