Lapping round tiles: today it is possible with Satellite PREMIER!

Lapping round tiles was unthinkable until recently. All tests done with Fickert heads and tools always yielded disastrous results, entire tool sets were destroyed and, in the worst cases, the rotating mechanical parts of end-of-line machines were compromised.

PREMIER, relying on the experience of its technicians and the versatility of its satellite heads, conducted tests in collaboration with historic Spanish ceramic manufacturer CICOGRES in Villapames Castellon de la Plana obtaining outstanding results on glazed porcelain tiles of different sizes, from 750 to 1,000 mm in diameter.

How can you lapped round tiles with Premier?

Today, thanks to Premier satellite heads mounted throughout the line, replacing regular Fickert heads, all round tiles in the COCOGRES collection are lapped effortlessly and with excellent quality:

  • Mars forming a carpet with 2 colors
  • Moon imitating stone with 3 colors
  • Vega imitating 2-color marble
  • Earth unfolding in 6 different monochromes

These are round tiles that are combined with a triangular part, which fills the remaining vacant spaces and allows for interesting color combinations.

No special polishing technique is required, and with the same line setting integrally made with satellites, an excellent quality and production result was obtained by satinizing and smoothing in ridge and full field the circular parts and complementary triangles.

In addition, on the same line, all tile sizes can be sanded, arranging them in parallel rows to form a mat, the standard ones with right angles from 20 x 20 mm, up to large slabs of sizes compatible with the sander table.

The use of Premier satellite heads has also reduced the incidence of tooling on the cost per square meter produced, compared with the normal production of polished tiles with Fickert .

With this important performance, the Premier satellite head proves to be the best as versatility, production efficiency, quality level and cost reduction.

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