PREMIER takes particularly care about the human factor of the company, which we believe to be the founding element of its success.

This monthly appointment was created to highlight the protagonists of PREMIER, the people who contribute every day, with their knowledge and their personalities, to the growth of the company, today we speak with Mauro Baraldi, who represents the company in Sassuolo, the main place in ceramic's world.

Tell us about yourself. How was his passion born? What were your studies and career path? What is your role in the Premier and what are your main responsibilities?

In Sassuolo there is a saying that goes like this: "if you are born in Sassuolo you will grow up with Bread and Tiles" and I kept true the proverb!

When I was a child during the summer holidays I started working in ceramics, to get two pennies to buy the "Scooter".

From that moment on, my working life has always been only Ceramics.

In 1990 with a partner we started a business of machining tiles for third parties, it's been years of work and satisfaction, but after 10 years, I needed a change, but what to do? In the end I only knew ceramics!!

I was offered to collaborate with a manufacturer of diamond tools, with the role of technical / commercial.

I accepted and this decision allowed me, a few years later, to cross my path with PREMIER and led me where I am today.

In PREMIER I carry out the function of Sassuolo's branch manager, with the collaboration of four excellent colleagues, Andrea, Gianluca, Wainer and Walter, very trained people with excellent experience in the ceramic field, with whom we share every day the passion for ceramics and for the customer.

Our mission is to follow the customer in the stages of sales and technical assistance, reporting the customer's needs to the PREMIER R&D manager as the company develops ever more performing products.


Why did you choose to work in Premier? Which aspects of the Premier mission and vision are closest to your way of perceiving work and professional growth?

I have always known PREMIER as a serious company, avant-garde in polishing and squaring tools, active in continuous product innovation and, I must say, always one step ahead in quality. In 2012, I was offered with the opportunity to join and be part of it as a technical / commercial, it was the opportunity I was waiting for and I jumped on it!

Are there any particular moments in your life in PREMIER that have left their mark and that you would like to tell us?

PREMIER gave me the opportunity to see various realities of the ceramic industry worldwide, to learn about different ways of thinking and working and so get out of the production reality of Sassuolo, which was the only one I knew.

Being able to touch, assimilate, and even learn, other ways of making ceramics was a beautiful experience, which trained me and allowed me to return to Sassuolo with a wider vision and therefore with greater skills.


Stop talking about work ... Do you have any hobbies and special interests? What do you like to do in your free time?

OPSS..... a whole world opens up here.

But we can say that my greatest passion is for everything that has an engine and can be driven, with a preference for Rally, which I have always followed and for a period of my life I have also practiced.