According to the first data, 2021 may be the year of the beginning of a recovery for the ceramic equipment sector. Due to the pandemic, Italian manufacturers of ceramic equipment suffered a heavy drop in turnover: 2020 closed with -18% in revenues compared to 2019 and -36.6% in sales on the Italian market. Also weighing down was the drop in exports: -13% compared to the previous year.

The Mecs-Acimac study centre has analysed the first data for 2021, showing that the sample of companies kept under control is slowly registering a recovery. This is also because the ceramics sector, in general, is restarting at a global level, with production back up to speed in several countries.

According to Mecs-Acimac interviews, about 9 out of 10 companies have, to date, declared to be living in a condition of stability or increase in sales on the domestic market, but with a slowdown in terms of exports.

There are, however, some difficulties that emerged in the first part of 2021, mainly related to the cost of procurement of raw materials such as cobalt.

"Already in the final figures of the end of 2020 - said in a note Paolo Mongardi, president of Acimac - it emerged that the end of the Covid emergency could coincide with the physiological recovery of the ceramic machinery sector, after two years of modest investments by customers. Although caution is a must, as far as the 2021 trend is concerned, what was hoped for in this first quarter has seen the first signs of confirmation".