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Premier takes care about the human development of the company: behind every success there is always a close-knit team that works with passion to achieve a common goal.

For this reason, we decided to talk to the protagonists of Premier, the people who, every day, contributes, with their knowledge and their personality, to the growth of the company. Today's protagonist is Antonio Dinale.

Tell us about yourself. What is your role in the Premier and what are your main responsibilities?

I’m an Area Sales Manager, responsible for the USA, Portugal and Middle Eastern countries and Nord Africa.

How was your passion born? What's your school background?

I graduated from the University of Padua in Political Sciences with a majoring in international economy and law. I was also able to study in Norway for a year.
After my graduation – during my one year civil service – I took a Masters in International economy, thus the “International” dimension has always been part of my scholastic career.

Then there’s also another aspect that today – in a globalized world – might appear anachronistic. I’ve always loved meeting different cultures and seeing different countries, I’ve always tried to see the person rather than his/her professional role. This has proved to be the most interesting side of my job.

Why did you choose to work in the Premier? Which aspects of the Premier mission and vision are closest to your way of perceiving work and professional growth?

From the very beginning I was aware of the openness and flexibility of Premier environment. I believe that the formality and rigidity of the work setting can sometimes prevent the manifestation of potential and resources that are invaluable to a company
I would define Premier as an energetic company, agile in approaching new challenges and efficient in pursuing them.

Are there any particular anecdotes from your career that have left their mark and that you would like to tell us?

Oh sure, I could definitely write a book about that!!
Well.. yep, better keep them secret as for now.. you never know.. I’ll think about this book in the meantime.

Stop talking about work ... Do you have any hobbies and special interests? What do you like to do when you are not in the Premier?

With wife and two daughters of 3 and 8 years old it is difficult for me – or maybe simply painful – to remember leisure activities.. how does it feel to have spare time? I’m not sure I can remember.

My wife and I love being in the mountains and we often used to do some serious rock climbing but now, with a young family, we usually go for easier walks which are suitable for them.

Then what else? I have a beautiful Martin&Co D28 Made in Tennessee that requires to be played once a while, I love readying both classical and contemporary authors, I love the sea.. I certainly have more interests than I really have time for!