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In order to pursue the continuous improvement in the company's response to the changing demands of the market, PREMIER decided to equip itself with an indipendent and more versatile Technical Assistance and Product Development department.

The aim is to respond quickly and with the utmost competence to customer needs so it will be entrusted to the responsibility of Mr. Gianluca Graziani, a technician with proven experience and ability.

He will coordinate all the PREMIER’s technicians, deal indifferently with squaring and lapping tools, will operate independently and will report only to the Sales Director.

Externally, he will interface with the customers' technical/production management and will be responsible for reacting promptly and competently to customer requests, studying the best technical solutions for each application.<br>Inside, he will interface with the R&D department which operates under the supervision of the Technical Director, aiming to continuous improvement and to create the best taylor-made solutions for each customer.

We wish Mr. Gianluca Graziani to "make the difference" and obtain the results that the company expects from him, we want to dedicate a sentence from Sergio Marchionne to him "being free also means finding the courage to abandon the old models, habits and addictions. The comfortable and reassuring roads lead nowhere and certainly do not help to grow; they only make you lose the sense of travel ".



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