CSR plays an increasingly important role within companies. The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is demonstrated not only by data from the Sector Observatories.

The desire to give an ethical face to companies starts from the CEOs of companies themselves, motivated to build paths capable of safeguarding and improving the quality of life of people even beyond the professional sphere of reference.

Since its inception, Premier has married the team's contribution to a series of initiatives fully in line with his vision of development, with the aim of improving the community. In this regard, Premier support is currently active with the association "I Bambini delle fate" which, since 2005, has been providing financial support to projects and social inclusion pathways managed by local partners for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities.

At the heart of the Premier vision are precisely the people and, for this reason, we asked Paolo Facci, CEO of the Company, a few questions, who told us more about the meaning of CSR and the importance of social support by companies.

Four questions about CSR: interview with Paolo Facci

Paolo, what does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to you?

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means taking note of the fact that the Company is above all a community of people with expectations, hopes, desires, which become more attainable if the company agrees to take charge of them within the limits of its possibilities.

Just as the stone thrown into the pond produces an ever-widening concentric effect, so too the company (and the entrepreneur) becomes aware that it must gradually broaden its responsible involvement; first there are the workers, then their families, then the community around them.

At what point did social values become an integral part of the Premier's vision?

There isn't a precise moment. 

We talk about business culture but in the case of companies in our territory I would speak of the culture of the entrepreneur. 

Well, social values are part of the entrepreneur: either they are there from the beginning or they never will be. Awareness of one's own social role may grow, but there must already exist from the beginning the certainty of accepting that part.

Premier accepted it.

Is there a particularly important social area for you? Why the choice to support the Fairy Children?

Because it is a transparent organization, with concrete projects implemented in local structures, led by people who live the value of solidarity on a daily basis and who make the difficulties of others their own commitment given only out of love.

What are the projects you have carried out with the Fairy Children?

Projects dedicated to children with LSD (Learning Specific Disability) have been implemented.

Each project has come to life at our ULSS Pedemontana, which has helped to improve the quality of life of more than 300 children and their families, helping these children to regain confidence in their abilities. 

At Premier we are very proud to contribute to the beauty of these projects. If you want to learn more about the "Fairy Children" Association and offer your contribution, have a look at the website.